Paseo Marítimo










The Seafront in Baiona is probably one of the most attractive coast boulevards in the whole province. Contrary to some other villages built from the port, the seafront in Baiona has fitted with the urban environment quiet neatly thanks to its ancient architectural structure. At the present time the wide and restored seafront is an architectonic item, functional and artistic, perfect to stop and contemplate the bay or the white glass galleries along the marine front. The pavement opposite to the sea is a long shopping avenue where you can find restaurants, café terraces, hotels and luxury boutiques.

La longitud actual de los distintos tramos de paseo marítimo sobrepasa los cinco kilómetros. El paseo Marítimo llega hasta A Ramallosa, un amplio espacio peatonal de más de 3,5 kilómetros que circunda y aisla del tránsito rodado toda la costa del municipio y el estuario del Miñor hasta su unión con el ayuntamiento de Nigrán.

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