Monte Boi Promenade

N 42° 7' 21.5364"
W 8° 51' 4.3734"

Paso de Monte Boi











The Monte Boi promenade might be the most suitable path to fully appreciate and scan the sea limits in Baiona. It surrounds mainly the whole Monterreal fortress in a nearly 2-km-long journey starting off from A Cuncheira beach and ending up at the foot of the Tower of the Clock inside the Fortress, next to the Royal Door and after crossing a secret alley.

The promenade, with a ground base and stone and granite terraces -most common decoration materials in the promenade-, was inaugurated on January 20th, 1995. Once set out on the walking, you can delight with A Cuncheira, Os Frades and Barbeira beaches, Estelas and Cíes islands, Monteferro, Panxón and América beach. Along the way you will find several quiet and scattered coves -accessible only by means of stone stairs built in the rock- and two niches sculpted on the walls: Our Lady of the Angustias (once passed Os Frades) and St. Telmo, after the Tower of the Prince.

The peaceful path runs side by side with the sea, sometimes quiet and some times rough, depending on the season, and a hill were oaks, willows, ash trees and, mainly, pines grow. There are three resting areas, clean and well differentiated. A Figueira ("the fig tree") stands out among them thanks to its idyllic scenery.

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