Sports Events

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Sports Events

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Gamela regatta

Since 1988 the Town Hall Department for Sports and Maritime Activities organises every summer a regatta with typical boats similar to lighters called "gamelas". The event, an old times tradition, is held in the fishing port. The Town Hall has bought 5 prototype gamelas, similar in features and dimensions.

Popular footrace

The race starts and finishes at A Palma park, it runs through every single parish in the council (a 10-km run) and runners usually are over thousand. Runners aged 0 to 99 are more than welcome.

"Villa de Baiona" Football Championship

Triangular regional football championship organised by the Town Hall Department for Sports and the Erizana F. C. The championship is played at the local stadium "Aral".

"Villa de Baiona" 3x3 Basket Championship

It is played at A Palma playground, in a 3x3 way (3-player teams). Players, whether visitors or local people, are welcome. 

"Villa de Baiona" Senior Indoor Football Championship