The council of Oia is one of the few places where the tradition of curros -one the most picturesque and typical primitive ceremonies in Galicia- is kept. Thousands of wild horses running free in A Groba Mountain are herded and branded. Although living in freedom, those horses belong to the different forest proprietors.

Some of the prehistoric remains found in the area give evidence of the presence of those animals five thousand years ago. As a reminder, brand designs are similar to prehistoric carvings on the stones.

The big day is Sunday. Before noon cattle raisers herd the horses -from the mountain to the curro (the fold)- and they are split up to be branded: The bestalleiros (beast men) swoop on the horses and make them fall. Newborn colts are branded and mares are sheared. Pregnant mares, colts and sold or farm-working horses are taking to different folds.

This picturesque celebration breathes a joyful feeling. Where a curro is held, there are always different snack stands and take-aways to have a typical meal: brown bread, octopus, wine and empanada, a kind of pie.

Curros held in mountains nearby Baiona and Oia

  • Valga (Oia) (Last weekend of May).
  • Torroña (First weekend of June).
  • Mougás (Second weekend of June).