Festivals and Tradition

Although 1978-Constitution declares Spain a lay State, the Spanish population in its big majority is catholic. All the councils still honour their patron saints in holy days. Parishes are religious cores that make up the 67 dioceses. Each parish has a patron saint that is honoured with religious offices after which, sometimes, comes a lay celebration.

Each region still holds ancestral rites or celebrations related to myths, legends and profane customs. Among those taking place in Baiona The Arrival Medieval Festival and our typical curros (wild horse-shearing) are worth a mention.

  • The Arrival Festival
    (Baiona / First weekend of March)
    Medieval festival commemorating the arrival of caravel La Pinta to Baiona in 1493 with the news about the discovery of America.
  • The Holy Week
    (Celebrations in every parish in town)
    Traditional religious celebrations that remember the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Baiona is famous in the region because of its processions and "pasos" -platforms bearing sculptured scenes from the Passion of Christ, carried through the streets in Holy Week.
  • Curros (Typical wild horse-shearaing)
    (A Groba Mountain / last weekend of May, 1st and 2nd weekends of June)
    Wild horse shearing and setting. One of the most amazing ancestral rites in Galicia.
  • The Holy Virgin of A Cela
    (Baredo / 1st Sunday of July)
  • The Holy Virgin Carmen
    (Baiona / July 16th)
    Procession by sea in the ria with the Virgin of fisherpeople. Flower offering to remember those who have died in the sea.
  • Santa Marina
    (Baíña / July 18th)
  • Santa Liberata
    (Baiona / July 20th)
    Oficios en honor de la mártir baionesa, la primera mujer crucificada de la historia.
  • Santa Cristina
    (Santa Cristina da Ramallosa / July)
  • The Holy Virgin of the Annunciation
    (Baiona / 1st weekend of August)
    Patroness of Baiona. Fishermen dance the antique Sword Dance.
  • St. Lorenzo
    (Belesar / August 10th)
  • Santa Marta
    (O Burgo-Baíña / August 15th)
    Mass and processioón at the chapel in the peninsula of Santa Marta.
  • Our Lady of the Rock
    (Baiona / Last Sunday of August)
    Country pilgrimage at Mercedes Escalera park, nearby the monument-mirador dedicated to the Virgin.
  • St. Cosme and St. Damián
    (Baiona / September 26th)
    Honey and nut festival. Farm product stands.