Port and seafront in Baiona

Porto e paseo

Baiona has always care for its sea environment. Everywhere the sea kisses the shore in Baiona there is a place to relax, a place where human beings meet their origin. All those places facing the sea will be linked in a near future, when the 6-km-long promenade is finished.

On the way out from Baiona to Oia you can see Pinzón promenade, formerly known as the Breakwater. Next you find the Monte Boi promenade surrounding the Monterreal Fortress with a splendid view over horizon line of the ria. At the end there is A Ribeira promenade, which lies beside A Ribeira beach. It next joins with the Seafront, which links Elduayen and Alférez Barreiro Av. In the future the promenade will get to A Ramallosa; works have already began.

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